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     ''My locks were always big clumsy and it took me a long time to unlock them, which I thought was normal. Let's just say it's really a piece of magic. The Smartlock™ works like a miracle I don't have to worry about all my stuff and it works super fast and easy. I recommend them 100% and look forward to buying another one for my friends!''

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Simon Welch
    Verified buyer

    It is no secret that a great locker is essential for all of us. While going places and exploring the world or the gym is fun, it also comes with the discomfort of leaving stuff at the locker or airplane. This sounds simple, but it is easy to get pocketed nowadays. This leaves a painful and stressful feeling, making it almost impossible to find personal belongings back after they are gone

    Introducing the Smartlock™,  a revolutionary fingerprint, lock, that also features a unique color design. Forget about small keys or codes, simply connect your phone to the app, insert your fingerprint and enjoy safety and convenience. This way only you can unlock the lock, lockers, or luggage cases. Keep your belongings safe with the SmartLock™!


    FINGERPRINT LOCK: The SmartLock™ uses fingerprint technology, making it very secure and convenient to use on the go. This way only you have access to all of your personal belongings.

    CHARGE VIA USB: The SmartLock™ has a long life thanks to its powerful battery. This means it can be charged everywhere and enjoy safety on the go.

    WATERPROOF DESIGN:  SmartLock™ is made with a waterproof shell, so it can easily withstand outdoor conditions. This way, the SmartLock™ will never let you down, even after years of use.

    STEADY STRUCTURE: This SmartLock™ is made of heavy-duty materials to ensure long-lasting use. This prevents people from breaking into the safe or locker.

    We understand how tough it can be to find the right locker that is fast to use, easy, and most of all safe. This can be mentally and physically draining, especially when there is constant discomfort and time-wasting of putting in the code of the locker. A recent study shows that in general lockers with codes and keys can be unlocked by professional pickpocketers in 3.6 seconds.

    Thankfully, the Smartlock™ is both a fast fingerprint smart lock as well as a convenient accessory on the go. Enjoy the safety of Smartlock™ which fits every locker and personal belongings keeping them safe. Now, there is no need to ever worry about getting pickpocketed or time-wasting while unlocking the locker or luggage, enjoy safety and convenience at the same time!




    At Belavi, we believe in the quality of our products. Therefore we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked! When you purchase from us, there is ZERO risk! 


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