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    "I've been using this cap for five days now, and I can see so much clearer now when the sun is out! The design of it is AMAZING. I can use it as a regular cap but also take out the sunglasses when the sun is burning. In those 5 days I already got 4 compliments how good it looks on me''

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    Tammy Henderson
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    Wearing a cap is a fun and stylish item to wear in the sunny season. Unfortunately, the heavy sun can still hit the eyes which hurts and damage the skin at the same time. It can be frustrating having the blazing sun in the eyes making it almost impossible to enjoy the sunny days.

    Introducing, SunCap™ is a unique cute hat with a huge visor and shades that protect the face and eyes while strolling outdoors. The shades are retractable, which is a handy feature for when the sun goes away. Enjoy stylish wear and heavy sun protection all in one!


    ✅ QUALITY MATERIALS: The SunCap™ is made with durable materials that won’t break easily. This lightweight and breathable design is so easy to carry around and keeps cool when being out in the sun.

    ✅ GLARE PROTECTION: Use retractable shades to protect the eyes when there is too much sun out. Simply hide it under the large visor when not in use and enjoy being out and about.

    ✅ ADJUSTABLE CAP: The SunCap™ comes with an easy-pull velcro strap on the back so it is adjustable to any head size. It is easy to loosen or tighten at a moment's notice making it a one size fits all!

    ✅ STYLISH COLORS: The premium SunCap™ comes with multiple colors to choose from. The SunCap’s colors are great to pair with both neutral and vibrantly-colored outfits.

     It is really aggravating that those years of sun exposure can sometimes be inevitable and lead to irreversible skin damage on the face. This can be frustrating because damaged skin leads to a decrease in confidence. According to a recent study, 70% of women in the USA, spend between $450 to $5,000 on skin procedures to reverse skin damage. 

    Thankfully, Suncap™ offers a 2-in1 function that protects the face and eyes from the blazing sun with a fun and stylish design. The unique cap has retractable shades so the eyes and whole face are protected at all times. Enjoy sunny days like never before with pain-free eyes and clear vision!


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