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    SafeLift - Draagbare Tilhulp

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    SafeLift - Draagbare Tilhulp

    A Safer Way For Elders To Stand And Sit

    Sitting and standing gets more and more difficult the older you get, which is why the SafeLift is essential for your elder's safety. The SafeLift makes moving your elders more convenient due to its straightforward design and sturdy gripping handles.

    Equipped with curved handles, the SafeLift provides a good grip for both the elder and the person that's assisting. This way, lifting a person's full body weight won't be too much of a challenge for anybody assisting.


    ✅Portable design - Despite its multipurpose design, the SafeLift is extremely lightweight and easy to carry on the go. This way, you can be sure to give your elders the assistance that they need wherever you go.

    ✅Ergonomic handles - With its curved design, both ends of the SafeLift are easy to hold onto. This prevents the user from letting go of the handle while being lifted up.

    ✅Durable structure - Even with its portable design, the SafeLift is extremely durable and heavy-duty. It is capable of lifting up more than double an adult's body weight with ease.

    Versatile use - Whether you're assisting an elder or a handicapped loved one, the SafeLift provides everyone with unmatched safety and convenience. Help users sit, stand, and walk around letting them hold onto the SafeLift.