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    I wanted to wait a little bit to write the review, especially to check if everything worked great and it did! I’ve used it three times already, it’s so easy to use, it’s fast and I had no side effects whatsoever. I’ll probably update the review in a few weeks to show my progress.

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    When working from home or in an office, staring at a screen causes the neck to lean forward, putting pressure on the neck and shoulder muscles. The lack of support around the neck is caused by sitting for long periods of time which leads to discomfort, headaches, and tension. Tension builds up over time which leads to long-term health issues.

    Introducing, the Pulseboost™ it is a revolutionary rechargeable electric neck massager that relieves neck and shoulder tension, as well as headaches in a unique way. For an ultra-calming massage, the 3-in-1 neck massager combines vibration, pressure, and heat which is amazing. The Pulseboost™ is the ideal way to feel relieved and relaxed at any place!



    ✅ HIGH-TECH FUNCTIONS: The premium PulseBoost boasts a combination of advanced massaging features and a sleek design. It heats up to a comfortable temperature to enhance the ultimate at-home massage experience.

    ✅ COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Designed just like a large choker necklace, the PulseBoost™ is easy to carry around while being on the go. It's perfect for a quick massage while on the plane, waiting in line, or while enjoying a morning tea.

    ✅ COMFORTING MASSAGE: With its combination of heat, vibrations, and pulses, the PulseBoost™ will deliver ultimate comfort every single time. It's lightweight and sits perfectly around the neck for ultimate relaxation.

    ✅ CONVENIENT USAGE: It is made for use at all places like the gym or at home or on a plane, the PulseBoost™ helps to relax in a unique way. It's so convenient that it is used during any activity of the day because of the lightweight material.




    After a long day at work, we realize how important it is to relieve stress and tension in the neck and shoulders. Having a device that actually reduces neck stiffness while remaining hands-free is a must-have. According to a recent study, on average, 68 percent of people feel neck pain whether working at home or in an office.

    Thankfully, the Pulseboost™ effectively relieves stress and pain in the neck area with ease which is amazing. The powerful vibration, kneading, and heating element, and electric pulses boost an amazing experience for the neck area. Enjoy a pain-free massage from home, in the office, or on the go!


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