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    I wanted to wait a little bit to write the review, especially to check if everything worked great and it did! I’ve used it three times already, it’s so easy to use, it’s fast and I had no side effects whatsoever. I’ll probably update the review in a few weeks to show my progress.

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    Freshly shaved skin feels smooth and wonderful but unfortunately, hair removal is a tedious and time-consuming process. The only available options to remove hair are making an appointment with the local salon or trying painful methods like waxing at home. A trip to the salon may seem like a treat but results in wasting money. The worst option is shaving, as hair grows back almost immediately. These methods result in frustration and disappointment as they are expensive, time-consuming, and do not permanently remove hair.


    Skyline Hair Removal Companion uses powerful intense pulsed light technology to painlessly and permanently remove unwanted hair with ease. This hair remover is versatile enough to be used on all parts of the body which makes using multiple tools unnecessary. Skyline Hair Removal Companion will have noticeable results after week 3 and will permanently remove hair on all parts of the body, saving time and money!




    ✅ PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL: Use Skyline’s Hair Companion once a week for 12 weeks to attain permanent hair removal. This superfast process means results sooner and less upkeep day-to-day which means more free time each week.

     SAVE MONEY: Skyline Hair Remover offers 1 million flashes, saving money on those expensive salon visits. This means a one-time investment which results in money saved while receiving salon-quality results at home.



     INTENSE PULSED LIGHT TECHNOLOGY: Skyline Hair Removal Companion features IPL technology that uses intense light wavelengths to smooth skin and remove hair. Have peace of mind knowing Skyline Hair Removal Companion is the most up-to-date hair removal method ensuring permanent hair removal. 

    ✅ VERSATILE: Hand-held body and a versatile design mean Skyline Hair Removal Companion can easily be used on every part of the body. Reduce hair-removing tools to one as this is the only tool needed to painlessly stop hair growth on the entire body.



     PAIN-FREE: Skyline Hair Removal Companion uses powerful light pulses to quickly and painlessly remove hair. Confidently extract hair from even the most sensitive areas knowing it will be pain-free.


    Step 1: Turn it on and set it to the lowest setting to test for any irritation.

    Step 1: Place Skyline Hair Companion directly on the skin and press the button.

    Step 3: If treating a large area, set to sliding flash, this will continually flash as Skyline Hair Companion is slid across the skin. For small areas manual flash may be used. Apply aloe vera or lotion after use.

    Step 4: Use once a week for 12 weeks, after week two increase laser strength if needed. Results will be noticeable after week 3!

    Step 5: After 12 weeks, use as needed to remove any remaining hair and maintain results.


    We understand how annoying it is to endlessly remove hair with razors or continually waste money at the salon. Spending hours every week painfully extracting hair from every part of the body to have to do it again a few days or at best a few weeks later, is not enjoyable. All of these options are very painful, very expensive, and do not permanently remove hair. A recent study shows having hair removed at the salon can cost over $200. 

    Rest assured, Skyline Hair Removal Companion removes hair permanently and painlessly at home for most skin tones and hair colors. Skyline Hair Removal Companion removes hair for good using intense pulsed light technology without the need for an expensive salon visit or the pain of waxing. Now, you can enjoy salon-quality hair removal, at home, with Skyline Hair Removal Companion! 


    1x Laser Epilator
    1x Protective Glasses
    1x Razor

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