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    ''My ears were always dirty and Q-tips caused more damage than good to my earwax. When I replaced my Q-tips with these. Let's just say it's really a piece of magic. The Vexclean™ is working like a wonder, and I no longer have clogged ears. I 100% recommend them and look forward to buying another one as a gift to my parents!''

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Ashley Dawson
    ✅ Verified buyer

    Q-tips, as we all know, are a quick and inexpensive way to clean your ears. Many of us, however, are unaware that they just push earwax back into the ears, causing accumulation and damage. This results in clogged ears and a considerably more unpleasant experience, which is quite inconvenient.

    The Vexxclean™️ is a new technique to clean ears that is both safer and more effective. It has a flexible spiral tip that allows it to remove twice as much wax without having to dig deep into the ear. All you have to do is twist the handle, and it will take care of the rest. As a result, it's a lot safer alternative to Q-tips!


    ✅ EASY TO USE & CONVENIENT: Saves time by not having to go through ears over and over again, as well as money by not having to buy cotton swabs on a regular basis. Making both the ears and the wallet happy.

    ✅ SUPER SAFE: Safer alternative than Q-tips. Removes earwax without pushing it further into your ear lobe. It is therefore fully safe to use for the entire family without creating pain or discomfort.


    ✅ SUPER FLEXIBLE: Bends but doesn't break. Making it super adjustable to all ear canals without causing irritation. Making it easy to use for all of us.

    ✅ EXTREMELY EFFICIENT: Gets out twice as much wax faster and safer without getting too deep into the ears. This means it's a safer and much more effective alternative for the ears than the traditional Q-tips.

    We understand how difficult it can be to clean the ears safely and correctly. This can be aggravating, especially when there aren't many options other than Q-tips. According to a recent study, those who use Q-tips on a regular basis are 40% more likely to get ear damage in the long run.

    Thankfully, the Vexclean™️ comes with 16 washable, reusable, and incredibly soft flexible heads. Making super it simple to use for the whole family without inflicting pain or discomfort. Fortunately, starting today, we can make that problem a thing of the past, with safer and cleaner ears than ever before.




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